The CO2 ART Aquascaping Awards was an idea we have been discussing for some time now. We are always looking for new ways to bring our friends together and the idea of an international contest sounded like a lot of fun so here we are. Here you are! Wether you have submitted an entry or simply hoping to be inspired by the gorgeous aquascapes, we welcome you and hope you enjoy what you see.

Contest Elements

The main entry

Which can be entered by anyone with a planted aquarium.

Aquarium in situ

Optional second stage which not only appreciates the fine aquascape but also takes into account the overall space in which the aquarium occupies. We have called this element

Each stage will be judged by our panel of six international judges. You will find a full breakdown of the what our judges will be looking at in the ‘Judging Criteria’ area of this website. Our panel was selected in order to create a diverse and global scoring opinion.